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Beginner Guide To Start Investing In Tax Lien Certificates

Tax Lien Certificate Guide

Tax Liens are exciting and highly profitable, but you need to know how to do it right!

Tax Liens can be a profitable investment and they have a lot to offer, including double digit profit rates mandated by US law and secured by real estate. On the other hand, Tax Liens can be a costly investment as there are some pitfalls that, if not avoided, could cost you far more than you originally invested. With this investment, it is very important that you know exactly what you are doing and what pitfalls to avoid.

Are you interested in Tax Liens and always wanted to know how you can use this incredible investment for yourself without being a US citizen or living in the USA? This guide will show you in 15 steps how you as a foreign investor can also invest in Tax Lien Certificates, how Tax Lien Certificates work exactly and what you have to consider before and after investing.

To invest in Tax Liens, you never have to set foot in the USA yourself – it’s possible from the comfort of your own home.

Your address in the USA – How to easily apply for your address in the USA and what services are offered for foreign investors and its address.

Your identification number in the USA – How and where to apply for your identification number quickly and easily and which offices you need to know for this purpose

Do I need to incorporate a US company? – When forming a US company makes sense, how it will tax you, and what you can protect yourself from by limiting your liability.

Forming your U.S. company – See which legal forms are available and most popular for you to choose from, which states are best for incorporating, and how to get your own U.S. company with little hassle

Your US Bank Account – What does the bank need for your own account in the US through which all your Tax Lien business will be done.

Which states are the best to invest in – How bidding works in each state and which states will give you which incredibly high returns of 500% and more

The right Tax Lien research – How to get into the best Tax Lien certificates, prepare perfectly for an auction on which Tax Liens you should bid on

Do your homework – 4 fatal mistakes you can’t make when investing in US real estate PLUS useful tips that show you exactly how to avoid them guaranteed.

Ready to bid? – We’ll tell you how to guarantee you don’t make any mistakes when bidding and what formalities must be followed

You got your first Tax Lien certificate – How to make your money work for you and what rules you MUST follow as a Tax Lien owner.

How to proceed as a homeowner – Various options PLUS elementary tips on how to earn infinite cash flow or HUGE profits from your real estate in the U.S.

Extras – A resource section with links to official websites and vendors where you can get assistance and information for ALL the steps you need to take

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Customer experience of Tax-Lien-Certificate Guide


The way of the investment, that the government, the homeowners and I as an investor can benefit from it, convinced me to purchase the Tax Lien Investor Guide.

Especially in an inflationary time this kind of investment will rapidly increase in importance. Thus, it becomes even more important to help them out with the help of Tax Liens certificates.

I like very much that every little detail is explained and that you as an absolute beginner are shown how to make money with Tax Lien.


The guide is very good and very simply explained. You can easily follow every single step and the author explains everything in a simple and understandable way.

I was already able to successfully implement the first steps and am already looking forward to my first Tax Lien investment. The price for this course is reasonable, because it saves a lot of time.

I am already very excited about my monthly return payments that come from my Tax Liens.


The entire guidebook is really super structured and accompanies you through what is at first a complex topic, but which is so clearly subdivided that the book leads you to your goal in an understandable way and the topic no longer seems complex in retrospect. Everything is documented very comprehensively and also perfectly usable as an always available reference book, because everything is divided into meaningful units.

Once you have gained a little experience, the guide makes it easy to start even with tax deeds and OTC\s.


If you are interested in the topic Tax Liens/Tax Deeds and want to actively use this unique investment opportunity, I can only recommend to download the Tax Lien Certificate Guide. It is explained step by step what you have to pay attention to and what you should do at the beginning of the first investment. This course is very suitable for beginners as well as for people who have already dealt with the topic.

I really liked the part with the research, which you should do as accurately as possible to avoid any unpleasant surprises.